Resurfacing Fireplace

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Resurfacing Fireplace in Baltimore City and County

We are resurfacing the fireplace with a new stone and building a new hearth


Fireplace repair

Through the years the appearance of your fireplace has become old and maybe it’s time to do some renovation. A fireplace is always the center of any home, we use it to create an atmosphere, and for cold days and especially on holidays it is a source of warmth and comfort for everyone for sure.

If you need to resurface the fireplace with new stones you can be sure that it will match the interior of your family home. We are happy to carry out your project to renovate your current fireplace of any complexity in Baltimore and the county of Maryland or we can build a new one from the very beginning with the new modern design. We are also specialized and quite experienced in building a hearth inside the house or in the yard. You should be aware that a renovated fireplace will significantly add quite an amount of value to your home if you are planning to sell a home in the future. Just contact us and we will advise you for free and find the best solution for you.