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Chimney Relining in Baltimore City and County

We do relining for different heating appliances including: fireplaces, boilers and furnaces.


Fireplace relining

The liner or flue on a chimney eventually begins to deteriorate, making it very dangerous to use your fireplace. Liners channel gas and heat through the chimney top. Liners also prevent the heat from causing flammable materials around the chimney from catching fire. If your liner is damaged, cracked or crumbling you need to get your chimney relined before using your fireplace.

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Boiler relining

The best way to extend the life of your boiler is to give it proper maintenance. The boiler’s lining has serious impact on the boiler’s efficiency. Once the lining begins to deteriorate it needs to be replaced so your boiler can work properly.


Furnace relining

The heart of the furnace is the lining. The way the lining is designed has a serious impact on the efficiency of the furnace’s energy. However, over time, the furnace’s lining deteriorates and needs to be replaced.