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Installation of Heating systems in Baltimore City and County

We install different heating systems. We do wood stove installation, pellet stone installation and gas log installation.


Wood stove installation

When it comes to wood stove installation it is important to do it right. There are many different parameters that need to be taken into account. Including the type of wall, the distance from the wall, does the chimney needs to be lined, the size of the heat shield, and other safety considerations. We make sure to install your wood stove safely and efficiently.

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Pellet stove installation

Pellet stove inserts are an Eco-friendly way to heat up your home. They rely on renewable resources for their fuel. Pellet stoves have very high heating efficiencies. As a result of this, they produce less air pollution. The disadvantages of a pellet appliance are that it needs more maintenance than a wood stove. A pellet appliance needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis by the homeowner and should be cleaned by a professional annually. They also run on electricity, so if there is no power, they can’t produce heat. If you want an eco-friendly heating solution, we will insert for you a pellet stove in an efficient and timely manner.


Gas log installation

There are many advantages to gas logs. Starting a fire is really easy, you do not need to store logs and drag them into your home. Gas logs burn cleaner than logs. If you want an easy system to use we will be happy to install gas logs for you.