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Chimney Restoration in Baltimore City and County

We remove damaged mortar from bricks and replace it with new mortar in order to avoid failing bricks and water issues. We do crown repairs and in severe cases we rebuild your chimney.


Tuck pointing

When you remove damaged mortar from bricks and replace it with new mortar it is called tuck pointing. Mortar joints become damaged due to exposure to water. Once water gets in to the chimney through weakened mortar joints it can even damage rock masonry. When mortar joints become damaged, it is advised to repair the effected joints. Otherwise the mortar joints will keep deteriorating  creating water damage and structure damage resulting in a far more expensive need of repair.

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Spelling Bricks repair

If you live in colder climates, you are more likely to face the problem of spelling bricks. This is usually due to the ingress of water, which subsequently goes through a freeze/thaw cycle. Also of great importance is the quality of the brick and mortar, which have to be waterproof. At first glance, a cracked brick seems to be only a decorative defect, but if it is not corrected, it can lead to further destruction of the chimney in the hose.

Our specialists at Chimney Sweep Clean LLC can completely solve the problem of spelling bricks in Baltimore and all of Maryland. We know how much attention you pay to your hose, so we choose the materials from very qualified ones with the latest technologies that match the style of the old masonry, and we also use a high-quality mortar to reliably protect the chimney. You should know that it is much cheaper to fix this problem sooner than wait for more serious violations.

Crown rebuild

When crown damage is non-repairable it is necessary to rebuild the crown. This includes removing all the pieces of the damaged crown and replacing it with a new one.