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Make Your Home Cozier and Safer with Chimney Sweep Cleaning Services

Chimney Sweep Cleaning Services – Don’t let a dirty chimney spoil your family’s fun and bonding time! Get your fireplace and chimney cleaned by the most trusted company in Maryland, Chimney Sweep Clean! We’re licensed, insured, and certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America!

Why Professional Chimney Inspection is Important in Preventing Home Fires

A fireplace makes us feel comfortable and a lot cozier inside and out. It rekindles memories of years long gone but a pleasure to remember.


Maybe it brings back memories of your childhood, which you now want to create with your own kids. Or maybe it fills you with mixed joy and nostalgia as you look back to those days when you used to gather logs with your grandpa before storytelling time. But now life moves on the fast lane and this is the few legacies of the past, a fireplace.


Whether it’s to bond with your family or to spend some time to dwell on sweet bits of yesteryears, the first thing you should make certain is if your chimney has already been professionally cleaned. You don’t want any fine particles from the fire to trigger an asthma attack or to get your family suddenly frightened by a chimney blaze.


Yes, chimney has its list of hazards. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in its Home Heating Fires Report 2021, heating equipment is among the leading causes of fires in US homes. In every 10 of this type of home fires, 3 were attributed to chimneys or fireplaces. Moreover, the primary factor that caused this kind of home fire was failure to clean especially solid-fueled heating equipment – foremost of which was chimney.


Hence, for the benefit of every US home with a fireplace or chimney, the NFPA Standard 211 states, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.” 


Now, you’ll naturally want a professional to do the chimney inspection and cleaning for you to ensure your house’s safety. A professional is way above the knowledge and capability of a mere sweeper. Professionals like us in Chimney Sweep Clean have studied about building codes and identifying damages, cracks, and other problems in chimneys, vents, and fireplaces. In case of any of these, it must be brought to the homeowner’s attention so the problem can be resolved before it leads to serious circumstances like home fire and health hazards.


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Our Time-Proven Expertise will Make Your Home a Lot Safer

Chimney inspection is a meticulous work because every part and component of the chimney is inspected. From the firebox, fireplace damper, and chimney liner to the interior and exterior parts that include the crown and the cap.

We can then tell you if any of your chimney’s parts or components has sustained damage from months or years of use, the amount of creosote build-up, improper venting, and other probable troubles.

Creosote build-up is highly-hazardous. This natural by-product of wood-burning accumulates in the chimney, especially fast if you use unseasoned wood. Creosote is mostly made up of tar, which comes in contact with air and water/moisture in the chimney. The first degree of creosote build-up is usually flaky and mixed with soot. Second degree is harder, though still a bit crumbly. The third degree is the most dangerous, very thick, oily or shiny, and highly flammable. You don’t wait until this stage because any call for help may already be too late.

Improper venting is another hazard you must also avoid at all costs. When cracks or gaps occur in your chimney’s interior, the gas from your fireplace escapes through them and some of which can spread right inside your home. Carbon monoxide is a lethal, odorless, colorless gas to which none of your family must be exposed long enough that it gets to your bloodstream.

And of course you must be already aware that smoke, ash, and other air pollutants from improper wood burning or improper venting can cause respiratory problems. Some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can even cause cancer.

And so, it’s always advantageous to consult and get chimney services from a trusted, duly-certified professional like Chimney Sweep Clean.

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Spend Livelier Hours with Your Loved Ones in a Secure and Warm Home

Yes, with Chimney Sweep Clean, you don’t have to worry about chimney fires, harmful gases, and massive carbon footprint. We deal with all these concerns through our excellent and affordable services. Check them out!

  1. Chimney inspection

2) Chimney Sweep

·       Creosote removal

3) Masonry repair

  • Tuck pointing
  • Crown rebuild

4) Chimney waterproofing

·       Chimney crown repairs

·       Flashing repair

·       Chimney chase cover installation

5) Relining

·       Fireplace relining (liner or flue on a chimney)

·       Boiler relining

·       Furnace relining

6)  Installation of different heating systems

·       Wood stove installation

·       Pellet stove installation

·       Gas log installation

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